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2021 Updated Guide To The Best Kona Coffee Brands

In the world of coffee there is no replacement for direct sensory training. Just as our customers enjoy the smells and tastes of Kona Coffee, professional skills in the sensory evaluation of coffee brands in all its stages is indispensable. Our hands on coffee brand shopping is designed to give aficionados a wide range of coffee direct experience in evaluating all aspects of Kona coffee character. From the green bean, roast development, grinding and brewing parameters and more, our shops give aficionados direct hand-on Hawaiian coffee picking experience. These special coffees are built on years of experience from several hundred people in developing essential Hawaiian coffee knowledge and skill to produce the best kona. 

What You Need To Understand About Kona Brands Of Coffee?

Gourmet Class of coffee with information on how to Identify the difference between Specialty and Commercial coffees and the physical cues to Kona Coffee quality. Tasting key characteristics by judging body, acidity, and variental distinctions. The job of the coffee seller from the farmer to the roaster requires purchase planning to meet inventory needs year round in a changing coffee market. Kona coffee brands must by Hawaiian law be prepared on island before being shipped for safety in agriculture. 

Sensory evaluation of coffee’s fragrance & flavor introduction to the skill and Science of Cupping. Cupping and Tasting varieties of coffee from around the islands. Green coffee processing and understanding various types of Kona preparations. Green Coffee Grading and how they affect varieties of standards throughout the coffee world. 

Does Kona Coffee Roasting Have an Art and Science Side?

Roaster technology makes all the difference when examining varieties of coffee roaster designs. Roaster adjustments and the understanding coffee machine variables of air flow, burner output, and more. Hands on sample roasting for quality evaluation & comparison in the cup and taste while examining different degrees of roasted coffee. 

Kona class of coffee and how to create the perfect roast profile. Learning to “Read the Bean” through sight, sound, and smell. Hands-on roasting a selection of coffees and roast profiles with an explanation to understand roast imperfections. For the final step it’s important to recognize roast imperfections & how to avoid them.

How Kona Coffee Brands Blend To Add Even More Flavor?

Coffee control – combining technology & skilled coffee craft from installation to key items you should know like afterburner technology or design parameters including EPA requirements, and more.

Cup and Taste is the art of examining different roast profiles from gourmet class Kona coffee and blending or combining Kona coffees to enhance flavor which is a useful approach for developing your own blends. Cupping is the way to the hands-on blend creation of the best kona coffee. Getting the most from the Kona coffee direct inventory combining coffee selections, roast profiles, and the top blended formulas.

Are There Tricks For Grinding, Brewing The Best Kona Coffee?

Grinding technology makes all the difference. A Grinder designed for preserving flavor and aroma – controlling “Particle Size” and “Coffee Brand Product Quality” – Then there’s the tasting for flavor variations from different grinds. Switching gears lets move to brewing Methods – Coffee to Water Ratios and degrees of extraction are extremely important.

There are different brewing parameters for Espresso and the unique requirements for quality control, maintenance, and record keeping for the production of the best kona coffee brands. The key items for developing your own coffee QC system are business planning, expansion and knowing when to roast or not to and other considerations for your Kona Coffee business.